XITE is a music video streaming service with a catalog of music videos. It is available on various platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Roku, etc. XITE is a free ad-supported music video platform. Since the app is free and ad-supported, the company offers an ad-free premium service for $4.99 per month. It was founded in the Netherland with linear networks and on-demand streaming services. XITE is available in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Canada. XITE app is available on Roku that can be added by following these simple steps.


What are the Features of XITE

  1. You can also create your own station drawing from different genres, eras, and visual styles.
  2. XITE users can favorite or skip any music video on your Roku device.
  3. It offers the best music video experience on TV and OTT Platforms.
  4. The best feature of XITE is its Time off Management.
  5. Creating your account allows you to personalize your experience by liking and skipping videos.

How to Add XITE on Roku

Here are the steps to add XITE from the Roku Channel Store. By following these below steps, you can easily add XITE on Roku.

1. Turn on your Roku device and go to the Home page.

Home Xite Roku

2. On the sidebar, head over to the Streaming Channel option.

3. Click on the Search Channel option from the menu.

Search the Channel

4. Enter XITE on the search bar and select the XITE app from the search list.

5. Click on Add Channel option to install the XITE app on your device.

6. After app installation, click OK from the prompt that appears.

7. Click on Go to Channel and start playing your favorite music on the Roku TV screen.

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Alternate Method to Stream XITE on Roku

Fubo TV

Fubo TV

XITE is available on the Fubo TV streaming service, which costs $72.99 after a 7 day free trial with 90 channels as part of their plan. The subscribers of Fubo TV on Roku can record XITE to their 250 Hours cloud DVR. In Fubo TV, 3 subscribers can stream simultaneously, and you can also add up to 5 streams for $10 per month. The Channels included in Fubo TV are Comedy Central, Disney Channel, Bravo, BET, Food Network, Travel Channel, and many more.


With the above methods, you can easily add the channel on your Roku device. XITE’s aim is to offer the best music video experience in the world. XITE is now available on 100 million households across Europe and North America. With this, you get access to a fun and easy-to-use personal music video service. People can discover the music video they want. Hope the information give above is clear about XITE and streaming Xite on Roku. Use the comment section and give your feedback.