Vevo is one of the leading music video networks. It has over 500,000+ music videos. Vevo is available on various platforms, including YouTube, Roku, and more. With the Vevo app added to Roku, you can enjoy new music videos from emerging artists. Also, you can expect new music videos each day on the Vevo app. In addition, you also have the feature to like and skip videos. Even you are provided with the option to add favorite music video in the Your Likes section. In this section, you can get easy access to your favorite music videos.

Vevo on Roku

How to Add Vevo on Roku

Vevo is available officially on the channel store. You can directly install the app on your Roku with the below steps.

1. Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. On the home screen, choose the Streaming Channels option.

Select Streaming Channels

3. Under Streaming Channels, navigate and choose the Search channels option.

Select Search Channels - Add Vevo on Roku

4. Enter Vevo using the on-screen keyboard and select it from the suggestion list.

5. Select Add Channel to install the app on your Roku.

6. Once the app is installed, click on the OK button on the prompt.

7. After that, choose the Go to Channel option to launch the Vevo app.

Alternative Way to Add Vevo on Roku

Alternatively, you can access the official website of the Roku Channel Store to add the Vevo channel.

1. Go to a web browser and visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

2. Next, click on Sign In and enter your account credentials to sign in to your account.

3. Use the search bar to search for the Vevo channel.

4. Pick the Vevo tile from the search results.

Click on the Vevo tile

5. After that, hit the Add Channel button to add the Vevo channel.

Add Vevo on Roku

After you request for the channel, it will be added in 24 hours, or update Roku to get the channel immediately added to your channel’s list.

How to Activate Vevo on Roku

After installing the channel, you have to activate it to stream it on your device.

1. Launch the Vevo app after adding it.

2. Note the Activation code that appears on the Roku TV screen.

3. Visit using a web browser.

4. Enter the Activation Code and click on the Next option.

Activation code

5. Now, Login to your Vevo account and activate the Vevo app.

6. Now, go back to the Vevo app and start streaming your favorite music videos.

Stream Vevo on Roku


1. Does Vevo require a subscription?

No, but you will get ads in between your music video streaming. To disable the ads, you need a premium subscription.

2. How to fix the Vevo not working issue on Roku?

Restart the Vevo app and connect to a stable internet connection to fix the issues on the Vevo app.