UFOTV is a subscription-based channel that features 130 videos covering all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. In addition, it is a subscription-based channel that features 100s of suppressed science and conspiracy movies. You can browse the contents for free and watch you need a subscription. The subscription costs $9.99/month and $99.99/year. The videos are neatly categorized under New, Trending, UFO and ET Disclosures, Ancient Mysteries, Suppressed Science, conspiracy and politics, Mind and Spirit, Staff Pick, etc. You can install UFOTV All Access on Roku from the Channel Store. Let us discuss the possible ways in this workaround.

How to Add UFOTV on Roku?

You can stream the UFOTV content on Roku with the help of UFOTV All Access. The channel is available on the Roku Channel Store. You can easily install the channel and enjoy the content.

1. Turn on your Roku device and connect it to the internet network.

2. On the home screen, click on the Streaming Channels. You will be on the Roku Channel Store.

 Home Screen

3. Click on the Search Channels option.

4. Type UFOTV All Access on the search field. You can type with the help of supplied Roku remote.

Search Screen

5. Select the UFOTV All Access app from the list of search results.

6. On the app installation screen, click on the Add Channel button. The UFOTV All Access channel will be added to the Roku.

UFOTV on Roku

7. Now, launch the app on your Roku device. Now you can start streaming the content after logging in to your account.

UFOTV on Roku

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the movies available on Roku?

The following are the movies available on Roku.

  • UFO Disclosure
  • Exotic Archaeology
  • The Reality of Truth
  • Nixon, Kennedy and The Alien Presence
  • The Solar Revolution
  • The Klaus Chronicles
  • The Phoenix Lights
  • The Aeon of Hours 2

How can you watch UFOTV on Roku-connected TV?

You can install the UFOTV All Access on your Roku device from the Roku Channel Store to watch the UFOTV on your Roku-connected TV.