TheGrio TV is an American TV channel that primarily deals with news, entertainment, opinion, etc. It was initially launched as Light TV as a division of NBC News. In addition, the channel featured many movies, series from the MGM film, and TV library. In 2016, Light TV got rebranded into TheGrio. You can watch the latest and breaking news, politics, entertainment, health news, and more. It also brings you video news that affects and reflects Black America. If you found this service useful and want to install TheGrio TV on Roku, check out this article.

How to Get TheGrio TV on Roku

To stream Light TV on your Roku TV, you shall follow the steps discussed in the below section.

1. After connecting your Roku to your TV, power it on and connect it to WIFI.

2. Press the Home key of your remote to choose Streaming Channel.

Streaming Channels

3. When the Roku Channel Store opens up, select Search Channel.

4. Using the virtual keyboard, type as TheGrio.

5. From the search result, you should choose TheGrio.

6. When directed to the channel info screen, select Add Channel.

7. Wait for the channel to add on your Roku.

8. Finally, select Go to Channel to launch and stream it on your TV.

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Alternative Way: Add TheGrio using Browser

1. Visit the Roku Channel Store’s official website from your browser.

2. Click the Sign In link and enter the login details as that of your Roku TV.

3. Navigate and select the Search bar to type as TheGrio.

4. Select it when you get the search result on the following screen.

5. On the channel info window, choose Add Channel.

TheGrio Add Channel

6. You can refresh your Roku TV to find TheGrio on your TV.

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To Conclude

If you have the Light TV on Roku, update your Roku TV to add TheGrio TV. With this, you will find up-to-date video news related to Black America. You can choose any of the methods to get it installed on your Roku TV.