In the Roku OS 11.5 (released on October 30, 2022), a lot of new features are added. After 20 days, Roku released another update with an exciting feature, Sports Experience. Like adding a new diamond to the crown, a delightful announcement has arrived from Roku’s side that eases sports watching. Roku has launched a new category called Sports Experience.

Sports Experience on Roku

In simple words, Sports Experience is a new category specially dedicated to sports-related content. The brand new hub is located on Roku’s home screen along with other primary options such as Search, Settings, and Store.

Sports Experience on Roku

 The feature integrates live and upcoming sports across the different streaming devices and acts as a centralized location for sports content. The feature makes it easier than ever for sports fans to stream their favorite sports at a single stop. As the feature is new, you need to update your Roku to get the Sports Experience feature.

What’s Special about it?

All these days, we’ve been wading through multiple apps to find our favorite event and stream it. We’ve gone through lots of unease by finding live matches on one channel and their highlights on another. Now with Sports Experience, there’s no need to undergo such hassle.

No more clicking through multiple apps or channels is required hereafter. Within this menu, you can select and stream games from suggestions or search for your desired game to get it from multiple sources that avail the game you are looking for. The notable thing is that you can search through voice commands and a virtual keyboard.

How to Use Sports Experience on Roku

Just navigate to the Home and select the Sports menu. Immediately a list of games on different suggested categories like Events on Now and Upcoming Events to choose from. Clicking a game will list all the available streaming providers. You can choose the available streaming provider or app to watch the live match.

Sports Experience on Roku

Otherwise, simply utter or type the name of your favorite game. It will immediately display streaming options for that event from supported channels.

For example

  • You can type or voice search FIFA World Cup or UEFA Champions League.
  • In the search results, you’ll have the World Cup games from Fox Sports Network and the various channel sources that carry the official broadcaster Fox Sports, such as Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, and fuboTV on Roku.
  • Now, you can select and watch your desired game from any source. But don’t forget you can watch the game from the source to which you have subscribed too.
  • You can even search for the name of your favorite team and get the specific games featuring that team.

Similarly, you can get highlights also. In addition, users can also watch sports-related shows offered by The Roku Channel within this menu.

What Sports can be watched?

The partner channels of Roku’s Sports Experience are Apple TV, DIRECTV, FOX Sports, FuboTV, Paramount+, Peacock, Prime Video, Sling, The Roku Channel, TNT, TBS, and truTV. Pro and college basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, and College Football are available on Roku with the Sports Experience. More games and the games coming over the air through antennas connected to Roku TV models and further new viewing options are also expected in the coming months.

The addition of Sports Experience is definitely a boon and is well-received by Roku users. Also, this modish feature has created a buzz in the market and has allured the attention of sports-loving non-Roku users too. Thus the result is Roku has attracted new users and sponsors quickly.

Facts apart, as ardent Roku users, let’s enjoy our favorite Sports with Roku’s Sports Experience and wait to add new sports and channels as soon as possible!


1. Which major sports channel is not included in Roku’s Sports Experience?

ESPN is a notable omission in Sports Experience and is expected to be added soon.