SOPlayer is a recently popular media player used to stream your favorite IPTV media. It is the app that needs IPTV Subscriptions to stream different movies, TV shows, series, and many more. Also, you can watch local channels on Roku with the SoPlayer app. This service especially uses IPTV technology to provide your favorite content. You can purchase the IPTV Subscription from any providers available online and then configure the login credentials within this app to start streaming. You can get many IPTV Subscriptions to access numerous content. Unfortunately, the SOPlayer app is not available on Roku. But it can be streamed on Roku by means of screen mirroring through Android, iOS, and other devices.


The useful features of SOPlayer are mentioned below:

  • It offers a dark theme, so you can change the theme as you wish.
  • You can watch both the live and on-demand content on SOPlayer.
  • This media player is compatible with multiple devices like Android, iOS, etc.
  • SOPlayer is a user-friendly application.
  • This service has EPG support to view the programs list on all channels.
  • It is built with an excellent user interface for easy access.

How to Get SOPlayer on Roku?

SOPlayer is not compatible with Roku. The only way to access SOPlayer on Roku is through screen mirroring.

How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

Firstly, you need to enable the screen mirroring on your Roku device to cast SOPlayer.

1. Setup your Roku TV and connect to an internet connection.

2. Press the home button on your Roku remote to get the Home page.

2. Navigate to the Settings option in the menu.

3. Click the System option in the right-side menu.

Select System

4. Tap the Screen mirroring mode button.

5. Choose either the Prompt or Always Allow option to enable mirroring.

Choose the one you want to stream SOPlayer on Roku

How to Screen Mirror SOPlayer on Roku using Android Smartphone?

By following the steps below, you can easily screen mirror the SOPlayer to Roku.

1. Connect your Roku and Android devices to the same Wifi.

2. Go to your Play Store and install the SOPlayer app.

Download LinkSOPlayer

Select Install to Stream SOPlayer on Roku

3. Then, open the Notification Panel and select Cast.

Tap on Cast

4. Now, select your Roku device.

5. Then, launch the SOPlayer app and sign in to your account.

Click on Pincode

6. Enter the Provider Identifier and Pin Code from the IPTV provider.

7. Hit the Submit button and then play any video.

8. As your Roku device is already mirrored, you can start streaming SOPlayer.

How to Screen Mirror SOPlayer on Roku Using iOS Devices?

It is also possible to Screen Mirror SOPlayer from iPhone or iPad by following the steps below.

NOTE: You must enable the AirPlay option by going to Settings > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit > Apple AirPlay and Homekit Settings. Select the AirPlay option and turn it on.

1. Turn on your iOS device and select App Store. Search for SOPlayer.

2. From the search results, choose the official app and select Get.

Download LinkSOPlayer

Select Get to stream SOPlayer on Roku

3. The SoPlayer app will be downloaded and installed on your device.

4. Now, go to the Notification Panel and tap on Screen Mirroring.

Select Screen mirroring

5. Choose your Roku device and enter the AirPlay passcode displayed on the screen of your Roku TV. Next, tap on OK.

6. You can now stream the content from your iPhone or iPad on your Roku.

7. Open the SOPlayer app and enter the IPTV Credentials or other details.

8. You can stream the IPTV content on Roku.

How to Screen Mirror SoPlayer on Roku from PC

1. Connect your Roku device and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Then, open a browser on your PC and visit the official website of BlueStacks.

3. Download the BlueStacks file for your PC.

4. Then, open the installation file of Bluestacks and follow the on-screen prompts to install BlueStacks on a PC.

5. Once the installation is done, again open a web browser and enter SOPlayer APK. Next search for the SoPlayer app.

6. Choose a reliable source and download the SoPlayer app.

7. After that, you can launch the BleStacks on PC.

8. From the home screen, select the Install APK icon from the menu bar to your right.

Select the Install APK icon

9. Next, choose the APK File of the SoPlayer and click on the Open button.

10. Finally, the SoPlayer app will be installed on your PC via BlueStacks.

11. Now, press and hold the Windows + K keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

Select your Roku device

12. Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices.

13. Go to the BlueStacks app and launch the SoPlayer app from the home screen.

14. Enter your IPTV provider account credentials to log in to SoPlayer.

15. Finally, you can watch all your favorite IPTV content.


1) How do I get SoPlayer on Roku?

SOPlayer is not compatible with Roku, and the only way to access this media player on Roku is through screen mirroring using all of your Android devices.

2) How much does SOPlayer cost?

The cost of the SOPlayer depends on the IPTV subscription which you are selecting. Otherwise, it is completely free to download and access.

3) How do I download SoPlayer?

You can download SOPlayer on your Android and iOS devices from the respective app stores. You can access them to watch various IPTV content.

4) What is the SoPlayer app?

SOPlayer is a recently popular media player that needs IPTV Subscriptions to stream different movies, TV shows, series, and many more.