Simple TV is just a TVR storage device like the TiVo. It will allow you to record live TV programs when they are streaming live over the air. The users can record TV programs from over-the-air stations and basic digital cable channels. It can capture live TV broadcasts from antenna, cable, satellite on any hard drive, and then you can stream the programs on your TV, PC, or any other streaming device. It does support 5 simultaneous streams. The users can connect it to the home Wi-Fi network. But it doesn’t work with the encrypted cable or satellite. Let us see how to set up Simple TV with Roku.

Simple TV

Set up Simple TV with Roku

You need to set up Simple TV with Roku, but it is not possible directly. First, you need to set up the device with your Antenna, cable, or wireless modem.

Step 1: Turn on your Simple TV DVR. You can purchase one as well.

(To stream it on any other streaming device would cost an additional subscription.)

Step 2: Connect your DVR to an external USB Drive, OTA antenna, digital basic cable, or wireless modem.

Set up Simple TV

Step 3: Record the TV channels, favorite shows and then play through the Simple.TV Roku Channel. Or you can connect the hard drive to Roku and then start streaming.

Note: The Simple TV channel is currently unavailable in the Roku Channel Store. Few Roku devices support USB Media Player, and few don’t. However, you can connect the USB to your Roku device and start streaming the contents.

The Simple TV app is currently removed from the Roku Channel Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simple TV is an alternative to cable or satellite TV?

No, it is not a replacement. But it isn’t possible to record the encrypted or cable or satellite TV channels.

Can I record channels like HBO?

It is impossible to record encrypted channels like HBO, Showtime, Food Network, HGTV channels, etc.

Is there a monthly subscription for Simple TV?

No, there is no monthly subscription, but you may need to pay additional charges to access the contents with Roku.