Prende TV is the Spanish language live and on-demand content streaming app that streams varieties of content like TV shows of all genres, Hollywood movies, nature documentaries, sports programs, telenovelas, and hundreds of TV channels within its huge library. As of March 2022, Prende TV has officially rebranded as ViX. This brand new ViX app is available on Roku for people who adorn it. That means you can easily stream the Prende TV on Roku with the ViX app.

How to Watch Prende TV on Roku with ViX

There are two ways to add and stream Prende TV with ViX on your Roku.

  • By using Roku
  • By adding from the Roku Channel store website

Add ViX on Roku and Stream Prende TV

[1] Press the Home button on your Roku remote and open the home screen.

[2] Go to the Streaming Channels option from the home screen.

Streaming Channels option

[3] Scroll down and select the Search Channels option.

[4] Enter and search for ViX using the virtual keyboard.

[5] From the search results, pick the ViX app.

search Vix

[6] From the channel info page, hit the Add Channel button.

[7] After that, the adding process for the ViX channel will start.

[8] Once the adding process gets complete, hit the Go to Channel option.

[9] Sign in with your account and start to stream your favorite movies and TV shows in the Spanish language.

Adding ViX on Roku from the Roku Channel Store Website

You can use the steps below to remotely add channels to Roku.

[1] Visit the official website of Roku Channel Store website and sign in to your Roku account.

Sign in Roku to add Prende TV

[2] In the Search channel box, type ViX and search it.

Search Channel

[3] From the displayed search results, select the ViX Channel.

[4] Click on the + Add Channel button and add the channel to your Roku.

[4] It will take around 24 hours for the channel to reflect on your Roku. If you want it immediately, update your Roku.

Both ways are effective for adding and streaming Prende TV using the ViX app on your Roku. Install it and enjoy streaming your favorites on the big screen.


(1) Does Prende TV has a Premium Service?

Yes. Prende TV, now officially ViX, has a premium service called ViX + that streams selected content and provides ad-free streaming after you pay. The subscription cost is $7 per month.

(2) Will Roku work without Internet?

Roku can work without the internet, but the capabilities are extremely limited. If there’s no internet, you can watch anything using a hard drive or USB on Roku.