Met Opera on Demand is a unique streaming service by the Metropolitan Opera organization. You can stream over 700 full-length Opera performances on this app. It offers live performances and also the highlights of the Metropolitan Opera. You can get this app for free and explore the channel with various catalogs. It allows you to enjoy the free trial for up to seven days. The app supports multiple devices like Android, iOS, Roku, and many more. Follow the below section to know how to add and access Met Opera on Demand on Roku. Enjoy streaming it on the big screens.

Met Opera on Demand on Roku

Features of Met Opera on Demand

Some of the mellifluous features of Met Opera on Demand are:

  • You can stream the performance videos on the full HD quality on this app.
  • It supports subtitles in different languages like English, French, Spanish, etc.
  • The app offers awarding shows, which are performed by excellent singers, actors, and so on.
  • You can add your favorite to the separate playlist for easy access.
  • It adds new content every month as a regular update.
  • You can access unlimited content on this app with its subscription.

Subscription Plans

Met Opera on Demand offers three major membership plans, which are:

  1. Monthly Subscription – $14.99 per month
  2. Member Annual Subscription – $99.99 per year
  3. Annual Subscription – $149.99 per year

How to Add Met Opera on Demand on Roku?

Roku Channel Store gives native support to the Met Opera on Demand, and so you can easily add this app to your Roku device.

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV, and you will get the Homepage.

2. Head over to the Streaming Channels option in the main menu.

3. Tap the Search option on the Channel Store and search for Met Opera on Demand.

4. Choose the same channel from the suggestions.

5. Hit the Add Channel button in the app page and wait for it to get added to Roku.


6. Click the OK button once the installation gets over.

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How to Stream Met Opera on Demand on Roku?

1. Launch the Met Opera on Demand app on your Roku TV.

2. Enter your email & password to complete Met Opera login.

3. The Homepage of the Met Opera on Demand will appear.

4. Choose a video and start streaming on the Roku connected TV.

Met Opera on Demand on Roku

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How do I stream the Metropolitan Opera?

You can stream Metropolitan Opera performances on the official app called Met Opera on Demand. It is compatible with various devices, and you can enjoy streaming it on your respective devices.

How much does the Met Opera Tickets costs?

The cost of the ticket for the Metropolitan Opera performances starts at $25. You can get the tickets online.

How do I watch Met Opera on Roku?

Roku Channel Store gives native support to the Met Opera on Demand, and so you can easily add this app on your Roku device to stream the live performances.