The Roku Soundbar is one of the speaker devices of Roku that you can connect to many streaming devices. If you’re setting up the Roku Soundbar to a newly purchased Roku or any other device, you need to pair it with the internet connection. It is recommended to reset the Roku Soundbar before pairing to a new device. The over usage of the Soundbar will lead to playback issues, Pairing problems, etc. To fix this phenomenon, you need to reset your Roku soundbar to make this normal as before.

Methods to reset Roku Soundbar

You can reset your Roku soundbar in two ways. They are

How to Reset Roku Soundbar with Remote

You can perform a Reset to your speakers and Roku Connected devices within seconds through Roku device.

#1. Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button.

#2. Then choose Settings >> Remotes and Devices options.

Click on the System options n Roku

#3. Next, click on the Speakers >> Wireless Speaker option.

#4. Under the Wireless Speaker Settings, tap on the Factory reset option.

Choose Factory reset and enter the code to reset Roku Soundbar

#5. Next, enter the Displayed Code into the field and click on the OK button to Reset your soundbar device using the remote.

#6. After resetting, pair your Roku Soundbar again to your device and start streaming.

How to Reset Roku Soundbar without Remote

If you lost or your remote is damaged, then this method will come in handy for resetting your Roku Soundbar.

#1. Take the Soundbar in your hand and flip it to the side where you can see the cable port.

#2. Now press the Reset button and hold it.

Press the Reset button to reset Roku Soundbar

#3. Keep on holding the Reset button until you see your Roku logo appears on the screen.

By doing this, you have performed a Reset on both Roku devices to fix your issues.

These two are the working methods to reset the soundbar device. But people need to know that resetting the Roku device will not reset your Roku soundbar. So you need to reset your soundbar device separately through Settings.


Why is my Roku Soundbar flashing Orange?

The flashing light indicates that your Soundbar is not receiving the required internet. You can perform the common troubleshooting steps to fix the Orange flashing on your Soundbar device.

How to reset Roku Soundbar Remote?

Since both the Roku device and the Soundbar share the same remote, you can reset your Roku remote by removing and inserting the batteries.