Roku is a popular media streaming player with a massive user base. You can add channels on Roku to stream your favorites. Also, Roku is trying something new to offer users the best possible streaming experience. One of the features that helps you with the best streaming is the volume mode which helps you to adjust the volume on Roku. Roku provides different audio settings, namely sound modes, speech clarity, and volume modes. You can use volume mode for leveling the streaming sound.

How to Adjust Volume on Roku TV

There are possible ways to change the volume of your Roku TV.

  1. Using Roku Remote
  2. Using Roku Mobile App

Change Volume on Roku TV with Remote

If you have a Roku voice remote with you, it is easy to adjust the volume of your streaming. You can find the shortcut button on the side of the remote to adjust the volume easily.

By using Roku Remote

1. Press the Volume Up button to increase the volume.

2. Press the Volume-Down key to decrease the volume.

How to Adjust Volume on Roku TV

3. Hit the Mute button to mute or unmute the sound.

Adjust Volume on Roku TV via Roku Mobile App

You can also use the official Roku app as a remote to change the volume.

1. On your Android or iOS devices, download and install the Roku app from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Once the Roku app installation is over, launch it.

3. Make sure to sign in with your Roku account.

4. Hit the Devices tab at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Tap on Devices tab

5. Make sure to connect your Android or iOS device and Roku to the same wifi network.

6. Now, on your Roku app’s interface, select your Roku device.

7. After your Roku device is successfully connected with the Roku app, hit the Remote tab.

Tap on Remote tab

8. Now, use the Volume up or down button to adjust the volume on your Roku device and TV.

Adjust volume on Roku

How to Change Volume Modes on Roku

As before said, you can change the mode of volume on your Roku TV. There are three volume modes and including Off, Leveling, and Night. You can set the volume mode according to your convenience.

  • Off – Volume modes go to an inactive state, and content volume is unmodified.
  • Leveling – Turn on consistent volume for different types of entertainment. With this, you don’t have to change the volume when you switch channels or during ads.
  • Night – It will increase the soft sounds and decreases the loud sounds. So, you can hear the audio of a show without disturbing others.

Adjust Volume Modes During Playback

  • Start streaming a video on your Roku TV.
  • Press the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.
  • Pick the Sound Settings option.
  • Now, change the Volume mode to your convenience.
  • Note: If you don’t find the * symbol on your Roku remote, use the directional pad (plus-shape in the center of Roku) to switch to Volume mode.
Volume modes on Roku

Adjust Volume Modes from the Settings Menu

  • Hold the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Head over to the Settings option from the main menu.
  • Choose Audio and then Volume modes options.
  • Now, toggle the volume to your desired mode.
How to Adjust Volume on Roku TV

How to Change Roku Speech Volume

As many of you may know, Roku has a feature called Audio Guide. It features a text-to-speech reader. It helps you read text out loud, like the menu options and other on-screen items, so that you have an easier time navigating Roku. Now, let us see how to change the volume of this feature.

1. On the Roku home screen, select Settings.

2. Click on Accessibility and select Volume.

Select Volume to Adjust volume on Roku TV

3. Here, you can choose the appropriate volume for Audio Guide.

You can also turn off this Audio Guide feature by selecting Settings > Accessibility > Audio Guide > Off or pressing the * button on your Roku remote four consecutive times.

Select Off to turn off the Audio Guide feature

Your Roku device allows you to disable this shortcut method so that you do not turn on the Audio Guide feature by mistake. Select Settings > Accessibility > Shortcut > Disabled.

Select Off to turn off the Audio Guide feature

Tip: If you want to turn off the voice on Roku, you can do it anytime you want.


(1) Why won’t my Roku adjust its volume?

Probably, your Roku remote is not working, and that’s why you can’t adjust the volume on Roku.

(2) How do you adjust the volume on Roku TV and TCL Roku TV without a remote?

You can use the Roku Remote Control app that is available in the Play Store or App Store to control volume without the Remote.

(3) What devices support volume modes?

Check your Roku device model and software version underĀ Settings >> System >> About. Volume modes work on Roku OS 9 and later versions and on Roku Express 3900x, Streambar 9102x, Streaming Stick+ 3810x and 3811x, Premiere 3920x, and 4620x.