Roku manufactures streaming sticks, boxes, and TV at different prices. It comes with a handy smart remote with which you can control the playback. All Roku variants run on the Roku OS and feature Roku Channel Store, a dedicated store. With uninterrupted internet, you can stream hundreds of channels listed under different categories. The channels listed on the store are certified and verified. Roku is unlike other streaming players as it features hidden or private channels. With this, you can take advantage of accessing some non-certified unofficial or yet-to-release channels on Roku. If that sounds exciting, you shall get into this section to know how to add private channels on Roku.

What is Roku Private Channel?

Private Channels on Roku are a part of the Roku Channel Store. But it will not be listed in the store. It is otherwise called as Non-Certified or Hidden channels. To install such channels, you need the dedicated access code given by the developer.

A channel may be non-certified for varied reasons. For instance, the developer wants to test it or provide access to a limited set of users before publishing it officially. Otherwise, the channel may contain inappropriate or offensive content.

Roku will remove the hidden channels at any time, and the users need to be cautious while accessing them. i.e., Roku warns that the non-certified channel will be removed when it violates terms and conditions, copyrights, etc. When such channels get removed, there is a high chance for your Roku account will be blocked from adding additional channels.

How to Add Private Channels on Roku?

You shall carry out the steps given in this section to add a non-certified channel on Roku.


  • Roku login details
  • Private Channel Code
  • Phone or PC

1. On your phone or PC browser, launch a web browser.

2. Navigate to with the help of the address bar.

3. Enter the necessary details to log into your Roku account.

4. Go to the My Account page and click on the Add a Channel option under Manage Account.

5. Key in the private channel code and click on Add channel option.

Enter Code

6. Select Yes, Add Channel button to confirm adding the non-certified channel on Roku.

Yes Add Channel - Add Private Channels on Roku

Note: For the Private channel to appear on your Roku TV, you need to wait for up to 24 to 36 hours f. If you want to add it immediately, go to Settings > System > System update > Check Now.

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List of Best Private or Hidden Channels Codes

We have shortlisted the best non-certified or hidden channels and their codes in this section. Take a look at them from the section below.

  • Kool TV – koolTVmn
  • Unofficial Twitch – TwitchTV
  • iTunes Podcast Channel – ITPC
  • Relax TV – vrqhq
  • RokuMovies – zb34ac
  • The Internet Archive – NMJS5
  • FreeJack TV (Conspiracy HQ TV) – YQJ5B
  • Ace TV – acetv
  • The Nowhere TV – H9DWC
  • Home Movies – HomeMovies
  • Freakmax – freakmax
  • Picasa2 – PICA SA2
  • Area 25 – KCB

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Roku sell subscriptions for a non-certified channel?

No. Roku does not sell any subscriptions to hidden channels.

Where will I find the hidden channels on Roku if downloaded?

You will find the new channels under Home on the Roku main screen. Scroll down a little, and the recently added channel will be listed.

What is Private Listening on Roku?

It is a feature of Roku with which you can listen to the audio playing on Roku using the headphones. You can access this feature if your remote has a headphone jack.