Create TV is a digital broadcast television network. It is available nationwide in the United States through digital terrestrial television and digital cable. The channel mainly broadcasts Do-It-Yourselves (DIY) programs and other lifestyle-oriented programmings like food, travel, home, arts, crafts, and more 24 hours a day. It was first launched in 2004, and it was only on January 9, 2006, that it was available nationally. Its headquarters are in New York City, New York, America. It has over 44 million viewers. Create TV is not available on Roku, and to stream it on Roku, you can use the screen mirroring function.

How to Stream Create TV on Roku?

Since Create TV is not available on Roku, you can use the Screen mirroring function to cast the contents of Create TV from other devices to your Roku device. For example, you can screen mirror using the below devices:

  • Windows PC
  • Smartphone

You need to make sure that the screen mirroring function on Roku has been set up. If not, set up screen mirroring so that you can cast the contents on Roku.

Setup Screen Mirroring on Roku

(1) On your Roku, go to the Home screen.

(2) Choose Settings on the home screen and select System from Settings.

Select System to stream Create TV on Roku

(3) Select Screen mirroring and choose Screen mirroring mode.

Select Screen mirroring mode to stream Create TV on Roku

(4) Choose either Prompt or Always Allow so that Roku allows screen mirroring.

(5) Now, the screen mirroring function has been set up on Roku.

How to Stream Create TV on Roku Using Windows PC?

(1) Select the browser on your computer.

(2) Enter Create TV on the search bar and choose to Create TV Official Website.

(3) Select Find Your Station. Enter details like Zipcode, Station, and Provider and click on Select.

Enter details

(4) This will allow you to see your local Create TV schedule.

(5) Now, press the Windows and K keys together. The casting window will open.

(6) From the list of available devices, choose your Roku device. Select OK.

(7) Now, the contents on the screen will now appear on your Roku device.

(8) Select the shows you want and enjoy watching them on your Roku.

How to Stream Create TV on Roku Using Android?

(1) Open your Smartphone and select your browser.

(2) Select the Search bar and enter Create TV. From the search results, choose the Create TV Official Website.

(3) Enter details like Zipcode, Station, and Provider on the Find Your Station pop-up window.

(4) Go to Notification Panel and select the Screen mirroring icon.

(5) Choose your Roku device from the list of available options and click on OK.

(6) The contents on your screen will be mirrored to your Roku device.

(7) Enjoy watching the shows you want on Roku.


You can learn a lot of interesting things on Create TV. You can watch shows like Baking with Julia, Ciao Italia, Art of a Cowboy, Best of sewing with Nancy, and more. I hope you like this article, and please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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(1) Is Create TV available on Roku?

No, Create TV is not available on Roku, and there is no official app of Create TV on Google Play Store Apple App Store.

(2) On what channel can we watch Create TV?

Create TV is now available on Comcast channel 201, replacing the original World channel.

(3) How to watch Create TV on the internet?

You can go to the Create TV Official Website and select the station to watch Create TV on the internet.