CHIVE TV is a streaming platform where you can get to watch a pure form of entertainment with fun elements. You can get to watch lifestyle, gaming, sports, and other genre content on CHIVE. To stream CHIVE TV on your Roku device, you need to follow the screen mirroring methods from your smart devices. The service also helps businesses in improving their brand awareness on the internet.


The CHIVE TV offers various categories of content for users to stream. Some of the premium features of the CHIVE TV premium are as follows.

  • It offers 60+ channels to access various online content.
  • The service helps in expanding the awareness of businesses.
  • Separate section to access various premium content.
  • No political content or news. This is just for entertainment.
  • Categories tab to access various channels and content on the app.

What’s on CHIVE TV

CHIVE TV offers various genres of content, from Lifestyle to Sports. Some of the top content streamed on the service are,

  • Live Streaming of Games
  • Simulation videos
  • Military practicing video
  • Ice Hockey Fails
  • Instrumental videos


Many asking the question, is CHIVE TV free on Roku? Well, the subscription is free, but you do need to pay $199.00 once to activate the service for streaming.

How to Sign Up for CHIVE TV

To watch CHIVE TV content, you need to subscribe and activate the account on Atmosphere for streaming.

[1] Visit the website of Atmosphere to subscribe to the CHIVE TV channel.

[2] Now, hit the GET Started button on the home screen.

[3] After that, fill up all the details asked on the page and click on the Continue button.

[4] You have to pay a one-time activation fee of $199.99. After the payment is successful, you can start streaming CHIVE TV on your streaming device.

How to Get CHIVE TV on Roku

The CHIVE TV app has been on the Roku Channel Store for around 2021 and 2022. But currently, the app is not available on the Roku Channel Store for downloading. So, to get CHIVE TV on Roku, you can use the screen mirroring feature of the following devices.

  • Android
  • iOS Devices
  • Windows PC

How to Watch CHIVE TV on Roku from Android Devices

Before Screen mirroring CHIVE TV, you need to enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku device.

#1. First, connect both the Android and the Roku devices to the same WiFi network.

#2. Then, open the Play Store and install the CHIVE TV app on your Android.

#3. Open the installed app and enter the login credentials of your premium account.

#4. Now, open the Notification panel on your Android and click on the Cast icon.


#5. From the list of available devices, click on the Roku device.

#6. Now, choose any content from the CHIVE app and stream it on your Roku TV or device.

How to Cast CHIVE to Roku from a PC

#1. Connect your Roku device and Windows PC to the same WiFi network.

#2. Open a web browser and visit the official website of CHIVE TV.

#3. Next, press the Windows + K shortcut to open the Cast shortcut.

#4. Now, click on the Roku device from the tab.

#5. On the website, choose any content and start streaming CHIVE TV on your Roku device hassle-free.

How to Watch CHIVE TV on Roku from iOS Devices

Like Android, you need to enable AirPlay on Roku to stream CHIVE from iOS to Roku.

#1. Connect both iOS and Roku devices to the same WiFi network.

#2. Next, go to the App Store and search for CHIVE TV and install the app.

#3. Now, open the CHIVE TV app and log in with your account

#4. Then, open the Control Center and tap on the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen mirror

#5. From the list of available devices, choose your Roku device for streaming.

#6. Now, select any content from CHIVE and stream it on Roku.


Can I watch Chive TV video content on Xumo?

Yes, using the Xumo Play on Roku, you can watch Chive TV video content.