There are a lot of channels available on the Roku Channel Store from categories like Korean, Western, and more. Also, if you are looking to stream Chinese Channels on Roku, there are some notable Chinese channels on Roku as well.

Does Roku Offers the Chinese Channels Free

Yes, you can find a lot of Chinese channels free on Roku. But you need to choose the best choice Chinese channel to stream your favorite shows.

Best Chinese Channels on Roku

The following table contains the list of best Chinese Channels on Roku:

1. Sinovision
2. Chinese Recipes
3. Innovative Language – Chinese
4. China TV


Genre: Infotainment

Cost: Completely free

Sinovision - Chinese Channels on Roku

Sinovision is the most influential and dominant Chinese-language TV channel with an exceptional estimated daily viewership of over 800,000, providing high-quality television service to viewers globally and broadcasting 24×7. The channel owns lots of original TV programs covering news, finance (with detailed financial and market information highlighted), entertainment, real estate, food, and more, along with a multitude of programs, making it a foremost option to add on Roku.

Chinese Recipes

Genre: Cooking

Cost: Free

Chinese Recipes

Chinese Recipes by is a one-stop-shop for thousands of food videos on Chinese food on Roku. The channel gives you a wide range of detailed video recipes from authentic Chinese food you will love, like rice, kid-friendly noodles, and dumplings, to regular veg & non-veg dishes like greens, steamed preparations, vegetarian stir-fries, healthy steamed fish & other seafood. Whether you’re cooking Chinese for party guests or putting together a simple dinner for the family, you will find useful and practical recipes that are easy to prepare. Add this channel to learn Chinese cooking and enjoy the taste of life!

Innovative Language – Chinese

Genre: Language Learning

Cost: Free

Innovative Language - Chinese

Start speaking Chinese in minutes with your first lesson with trusted language learning authority, Innovative Language – Chinese channel on Roku! The teaching process is such a cakewalk that you hear the Chinese conversation, see it broken down on-screen, and, best of all, you’ll learn everyday Chinese phrases, vocabulary, conversations, culture tips, and much more directly from real native speakers. The hosts will assist you with 25+ online courses along with powerful textbooks and audio! So, what are you waiting for? Kāishǐ xuéxí!

China TV

Genre: News

Cost: Free

China TV - Chinese Channels on Roku

China TV on your Roku will get you all the best Chinese TV stations in a single place. With this channel, you will be able to get the latest news from mainland China and also teach yourself a lot of Chinese! Most of the channels available here are from open sources, and the channel has an IA that is constantly updating the channel list, ensuring it’s working all the time. To keep up with Chinese affairs, get China TV.


Genre: Entertainment

Cost: $6.99/ month

KORTV- Chinese channels on Roku

KORTV streams all leading and premium live Chinese television networks along with the latest blockbusters and shows on demand. The main reason why the channel made it to this list is, getting this channel will fetch you live streaming and service of Korean channels also. So with a single app, access all the cult and world-class Chinese and quality Korean content.

You now only need to choose the category you need to stream, like cooking, communication, streaming Chinese movies & TV shows. After that, you can add the channel you are looking for to stream your favorite content.