Any smart TV comes up with its OS inbuilt. The most popular OS include Android, Tizen, WebOS, tvOS, FireOS, etc. Roku OS has been emerging in recent times with many popular streaming services. Lately, there are many smart TV brands that come built in with Roku OS. Those who don’t want to buy a Roku TV Stick can prefer the Roku built-in smart TVs. Those smart TVs feature Roku Channel Store, and with that, you can add your favorite streaming services. Undoubtedly, Roku smart TVs offer the best of entertainment. If you aren’t sure of which one to buy, you shall get to know the list of best Roku TVs you should consider buying.

Best Roku TVs

There are various TV brands that support Roku OS. TCL or Hisense predominantly has got a higher market share. The other brands like JVC, Sharp, Philips, also some of the Roku TV brands.

  1. TCL 6 & 8 Series
  2. Hisense R6200 F
  3. Sharp TV
  4. Philips TV
  5. onn. TV
  6. Sanyo TV
  7. Element TV

TCL 6 Series

TCL 6 series is considered the best value-packed television around the world with Roku OS. These TVs perform better than above the price range. It offers bright picture quality for 4K pictures in both the HDR and SDR contents. TCL 6 series event suits gamers as it got a native 120 Hz refresh rate. It gives quantum dot brightness and color. It includes Quantum dot brightness and is perfect for gamers.

TCL Roku TV is one the best Smart TV with Roku built-in.
  • Sizes Available: 55″, 65″, 75″.
  • Price Range: $649.99 – $699.99.

TCL 8 Series

TCL 8 series was launched in 2019 and is quite a premium range with the power of quantum dots. It comes with the TCL mini LED technology, which makes the TV provide a perfect picture. It has got an excellent motion handling technique, and the in-built Roku makes it the perfect streaming device. The TV is incredibly bright with tight contrast control. Moreover, TCL 5 series and 4 series also come with the Roku built-in feature. With TCL Roku TV, you will get a commendable performance with 4K resolution and affordable price.

  • Sizes Available: 65″, 75″.
  • Price Range: $1499.99

Hisense R6200 F

Hisense Roku TV with R6 and R7 series models beat the other TCL devices. These two series are so much identical to each other. It features more effective picture quality, but its HDR quality does not match that of the TCL TV models. It has got all premium Roku TV features like voice-enabled remote, compatibility with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assitant are other features to buy these TV models.

Hisense Roku TV is one of the Best.
  • Sizes Available: 55″ – 70″
  • Price Range: $570 to $699.99

Sharp (Model: LC-55LBU591U)

Sharp is the entry-level TV available with great picture quality and up-scaling features 1080p and 720p. It comes with an easy user interface and a remote with minimal control and other features. Sharp TV has various TV models with Roku built-in OS. The features are the same in each different version of Sharp Roku TV.

Sharp Roku TV.
  • Sizes Available: 32″, 42, etc.
  • Price Range: From $100

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Philips 32″ Class HD Smart Roku LED TV

With Philips 32 inch class HD Smart Roku TV, you will have built-in apps such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play, and more other applications for your entertainment. In addition, the specific TV brand is 720p compatible. So, you can watch any content on this Philips Roku TV in high-definition video quality. Other features of this Philps Roku TV are a 16:9 aspect ratio and two HDMI ports. Also, Philips Roku TV comes with a built-in digital tuner. So, you can watch the digital broadcast with it.

Philips Roku TV is one of the best.
  • Price Range: $168

onn. 24″ Class HD LED Roku Smart TV

onn. Roku Smart TV comes with a DLED display, and you can watch any content in 720p video quality. Also, with the 60Hz refresh rate, your onn. Roku TV will run quickly. Other than the mentioned feature, your onn. Roku Smart TV contains 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, and 1 port for headphones. So, with this Roku TV, you will have no lag for your entertainment because you will have a lot of built-in applications to keep you engaged. The final thoughts are if you want to get the best Roku smart TV, you can get onn.

onn. Roku TV.
  • Price Range: 24′ Class HD LED Roku Smart TV for $99.

Sanyo Smart Roku TV

Sanyo Smart Roku TV supports only 720p resolution and comes with two HDMI ports. And inside the box, you will receive equipment to wall mount your Roku Smart TV and Roku remote to control your TV. Also, in Roku TVs, you can use the Roku app on your Smartphones to control your Roku TV and can watch Roku originals.

  • Price Range: Sanyo Smart TV ranges from $148.

Element Roku TV

Element Roku TV is the same as other Smart TVs except for the fact that it supports Alexa, Apple AirPlay, Google Assistant, Google Chromecast, and Apple HomeKit. You have the option to watch all the video content in either 720p or 4k video. But there is no built-in voice assistant. Also, HDR technology is used to give an enhanced brightness, contrast, and color.

Element Smart TV.

  • Price Range: Element Roku TV available from $299.
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    So, these are the best available Roku built-in Smart TVs. If you want a TV running on RokuOS, this article will be helpful to you. You can pick any one of the best Roku Smart TVs of your choice and enjoy watching your favorite shows while on your couch.