Russian Today (RT) is the first Russian 24/7 international news channel funded by the Russian government. They also offer content in different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Russian. It also offers subtitles for Russian programs. Earlier, the exclusive RT channel app was available on Roku’s Channel Store, but it was removed during a later period. Unfortunately, many other streaming platforms that had RT access have dropped it. So, Roku would be the most reliable option, using which we can get to watch RT news.

Ways to Watch RT App on Roku

Luckily, the RT app is available on the Play Store. So you can download the app and Screen Mirror it on Roku from Android mobile or cast the RT website from a PC. You must first enable Screen Mirroring options to Screen Mirror RT on a Roku device.

Screen Mirroring RT App from Android Mobile

You must install the RT app on your phone from the Playstore and complete the sign-in process with the necessary information.

[1] Connect your Phone and Roku device to the same WiFi network.

[2] After that, swipe to the Notification Panel and select the Cast option.

RT News on Roku

Note: The Screen Mirroring option on Android is available under different names, and it varies from each manufacturer like Smart View, Quick Connect, Wireless Display, Smart Share, Display mirroring, AllShare, Cast, HTC Connect, Cast, and Screen Casting.

[3] Now, choose your Roku device name in the list of devices available to screen mirror. At the same time, click Accept option on the Roku screen to start mirroring.

RT News on Roku

[4] Now your mobile’s screen will be mirrored on the Roku screen. You can enter the RT app’s interface and choose any video to Cast on Roku.

Screen Mirroring RT Website from PC

 [1] Turn on your PC and open the Chrome browser.

[2] Visit RT’s official website and open it.

[3] Now, connect your PC and Roku to the same WiFi.

[4] Press the Windows keys simultaneously on your keyboard. A pop-up menu will appear.

RT News on Roku

[5] Select your Roku device from the pop-up. Once you do it, the PC screen will mirror on Roku.

[6] Now whatever you surf within the RT website will be mirrored on the Roku screen.

Tips! Several other popular channels, including BBC news, Sky News, and much more, are available on Roku.


Is CNN available in Russia?

In 2022, WarnerMedia closed CNN International in Russia due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

What is the most popular Russian news channel?

NTV is the most popular Russian news Channel.