Private Listening is a unique feature offered by your Roku device, and it lets you listen to the audio streaming on your Roku device-connected TV. You can access this feature using the headphone jack on your Roku remote. In addition, you can access the feature in the Roku mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. However, some Roku users have complained that private listening is not working on their devices. So, if you are facing any such issue, the following guide will help you with resolving the private listening not working issue on Roku.

Roku Private Listening Not Working: Fixes

The following are the troubleshooting methods that will help you eliminate the private listening not working issue.

Activate Private Listening Before Streaming

There might be a chance that you don’t know the actual procedure to activate the private listening on Roku. First, you need to connect your headphone to your Roku Remote if your remote has a headphone jack. Otherwise, you can use the Roku app and connect your Headphones to your Smartphone. Then, you can click on the Headphone icon from the Remote section to activate the private listening with the Roku app on your Smartphone.

Check Your Network

If you have connected more than one device on your Wi-Fi network with your Roku device, it might cause unwanted traffic in it. This might also cause issues with private listening on Roku.

Wi-Fi router

1. Reduce the traffic in the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to.

2. While you are using the private listening feature, move closer to your Roku device and stay within the range of access.

3. Restart your Roku device by unplugging the device from the power source for thirty seconds and then connect it back to the power source.

4. Restart your Wi-Fi router by disconnecting it from the power source for thirty seconds and then re-connecting it.

No Headphone Icon

Headphone icon

There is a headphone icon in the Roku mobile app, and by tapping the icon, you activate and deactivate the private listening feature. There are only two reasons why the headphone icon is not showing up. The first reason is that you may not have updated the Roku app. Therefore, you need to update the app if you can’t find the headphone icon. If the headphone icon doesn’t appear even after an update, it is because your device doesn’t support the feature.

No Audio Issues on Private Listening

If you can’t hear any audio on your headphone, you need to try these fixes.

1. Check if the volume of your device is on mute or low to hear.

2. Ensure that your earphone is in proper working condition.

3. Check if you have plugged the headphone into your device properly.

4. If you are using Bluetooth headphones, check if you have done the pairing properly.

5. Check if you are using the right Roku remote if you have more than one Roku device with you. If your Roku remote is not working, you need to explore other best Roku remotes as an alternative.

Audio Screeching and Stuttering

1. If the audio on your Roku device is screeching, install new batteries in your Roku remote.

2. If the audio is stuttering, check if you have properly connected the remotes.

3. If you are using Bluetooth headphones, check if you have paired them properly.

4. Try re-pairing your Bluetooth headphones to your Roku device.

5. Check if there are any issues with your headphone by testing them on any other device.

6. Stop the video that you are watching and play it once again.

7. Turn off the private listening feature on your Roku app and turn it on the back again.

8. Close the Roku mobile app and then turn it on.

9. Unplug your Roku device from the power for thirty seconds and connect it back to the power source.

10. Finally, try using another pair of headphones on your Roku device.

If all of these troubleshooting steps fail, you could try updating your Roku device to the latest version.

Audio is Out of Sync

When you are accessing private listening on Roku, you might see that the audio on your device is out of sync. This issue arises mostly if you are using Bluetooth headphones on your Roku device. To make the audio of your device in sync with the video, you need to update the Roku mobile app.

1. Initially, open the Roku mobile app on your smartphone.

Roku App for Android Smartphone: Google Play Store

Roku App for iOS Smartphone: App Store

2. Sign in with your Roku account.

3. Then, tap on the Devices tab from the lower right corner.

4. Upon connecting your Roku device and Android Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, your Roku device’s name will appear onscreen.

5. Next, select your Roku device to pair it with your Roku app.

6. Tap on the Remote tab that you can find below your Roku device.

7. Next, tap the Headphone icon and activate the private listening feature.

8. Tap the Settings icon and select the Controls option.

9. Select the Adjust audio delay option and select the Get Started option.

10. You can complete the out-of-sync issue by following the instructions on your screen.

11. If the issue still exists, repeat the steps and then select the Advanced adjustment option and follow the prompts on the screen

Roku Private Listening Not Working

Additional Networking Tips

If you are comfortable with working with the network equipment, you need to try the following fixes. If your router supports 5GHz, make sure that the feature is enabled. You can check the router user manual or check with the manufacturer to find if the router supports 5GHz. To enable the feature, open the Settings menu > Network > Set up connection > Wireless > Connect Roku to the 5GHz network. Also, connect your smartphone to the same network. Also, disable the Wi-Fi Multimedia feature if your device supports the feature. If the issue still persists, you need to check your internet Speed. This is because the internet speed might not be upto the mark; that’s why private listening is not working. And if that’s the case, you need to fix the Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn on private listening on Roku?

You can turn on the private listening feature on your Roku device from the Roku app > Tap Remote > Tap Headphone icon > Select your Roku device.

2. Do Roku TVs support private listening?

Yes, the private listening feature is supported on Roku TVs as well.

3. Why is the Roku Private Listening not working?

Roku Private Listening feature might stop working because of issues with your headphones, Wi-Fi connection, and if your device is on mute.