Neon Rider is a free online side-scrolling bike driving game. The game’s main goal is to finish tracks as soon as possible while collecting bonuses by performing flips. By using the mini-map, you can plan your ride. To stand on the colored lines, adapt your bike color. Neon Rider is a free online side-scrolling bike driving game, which involves jumping gaps and moving flips. You can control the speed of the vehicle using the right arrow key on your remote. Neon Rider is a challenging game, and it can be played on Roku by following the below steps.

Neon Rider on Roku

How to Add Neon Rider on Roku

1. Connect your Roku device to the smart TV.

2. Press the Home button by using the Roku remote and go to the Home screen.

Home Neon Rider on Roku

3. Select Streaming Channels from the list that displays.

Neon Rider on Roku

4. Now, select Games from the list available.

5. Search the Neon Rider game on the Roku channel store.

6. Select the Neon Rider game from the list available.

6. Click Add Channel to install the game.

Neon Rider Roku

7. Once the game is installed, it will appear on the Home screen with all other apps.

8. Now, you can move the app and place it where you want.

9. Now you have successfully installed the game on Roku

10. Start playing the Neon Rider game using the Roku remote control.

Play the Game

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How to Cast Neon Rider on Roku

Do the below changes on your Roku to cast Neon Rider to TV from smartphone.

  • Navigate to Roku Settings System Screen Mirroring > Enable Screen Mirroring.

1. Connect your Android and the casting device to the same WiFi network.

2. Search for Neon Rider on the Google Play Store of your Android device.

3. Select the Install button to proceed.

4. Open the Neon Rider on your mobile.

5. Click on the Cast icon that appears on your screen.

casting option

6. Now, a list of all the devices will display.

7. Select the Roku device available from the list.

8. Start playing the Neon Rider game, and the same will be cast on your Roku screen.

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Neon Rider is a free online sports game, and this is one of the favorite racing games of many. You will get addicted to the game when you start playing the game. This game can be played and controlled from your Roku remote. The four arrows and the OK button have been used to play the game most of the time. We hope this section has provided a clear explanation about Neon Rider and installing the Neon Rider game. If you have any suggestions, you can drop them to us.