MasterClass is the greatest way and platform to learn new skills online. You can enhance your skills in your area of interest. It allows you to stream a variety of classes anywhere anytime. This service is available in-app as well on the web. You can get unlimited access with the annual membership. It is compatible with most of the popular devices namely Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, and many more. Watch your favorite class on the big screens using Roku. Lets us have a glance at how to add and access MasterClass on Roku.

MasterClass on Roku

Features of MasterClass

Some of the excellent features of MasterClass are mentioned below.

  • Get world-class teaching by the most brilliant minds.
  • Over 90+ instructors to teach a variety of categories.
  • It covers the area of Arts & Entertainment, Business, Food, Sports & Games, Science & Tech, Music, etc.
  • This service provides inspirational stories, amazing skills to enhance your wisdom.
  • You can get regular updates and new classes.
  • Get an immersive learning experience with cinematic visuals, hands-on demonstrations, etc.
  • It lets you download the workbooks for every class to reinforce your learning.

How to Add MasterClass on Roku?

MasterClass can be easily installed on Roku as this app is natively present on Roku Channel Store.

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV and you will get the Homepage.

2. Navigate to the Streaming Channels option in the menu.

3. Tap the Search button and search for MasterClass.

4. Select the app from the suggestions and the app page will open.

5. Hit the Add Channel button and the app starts to install.

MasterClass on Roku

6. Launch the installed MasterClass app on your device.

7. Sign-in with your login details and proceed to the payment.

8. The home screen of the MasterClass will appear.

9. Choose any video class and start streaming to learn things.

Alternate way to get MasterClass on Roku

The alternate way to get MasterClass on Roku is screen mirroring through Android and Windows.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku – Head over to the Setting option on the Roku homepage and then press the System option. Click the Screen mirroring mode. Pick either Prompt or Always Allow to enable mirroring.

MasterClass on Roku

Cast MasterClass to Roku using Android

  1. Connect both the Roku and Android devices to the same Wi-Fi.

2. Open the Setting app on your Android device.

3. Tap Bluetooth & device connection and enable Cast option.

MasterClass on Roku

4. Choose your Roku device in the suggestions.

5. Download the install MasterClass app from the Play store.

MasterClass on Roku

6. Open and start streaming the MasterClass on the Roku using Android.

Cast MasterClass to Roku using Windows

1. Connect both of the Roku device and Windows to the same Wifi.

2. Visit this site from your Windows.


3. The MasterClass site will open and you need to sign-in with your login details.

4. Play any video class and then right-click on the screen.

5. Pick the Cast tabs option and select your Roku devices from the suggestions.


6. Now, stream MasterClass on Roku using Windows.


Can you watch MasterClass on Roku?

You can certainly watch MasterClass on Roku. Because this app is natively present on Roku Channel Store to stream your favorite video class.

Can you get MasterClass for free?

It is completely free to download MasterClass. Yet you need to pay for streaming the class from your devices.

How many devices can use MasterClass?

You can stream MasterClass on up to two devices simultaneously. When you try to stream on more devices, it may lead to some malfunctions.

Can I download MasterClass videos?

MasterClass lets you download the workbooks for every class to reinforce your learning. But you cannot download videos to watch offline.