Roku has become a pioneer in the league of streaming apps by streaming almost all the channels users would love to watch. You can download and watch any channels related to entertainment, fitness, news, and sports, and even play certain games on your Roku. Like your smartphones, it is very important to update the apps on Roku to avail of their latest features. Also, you will be able to stream on the updated apps without any errors.

Methods to Update Apps on Roku

There are two methods to update Roku apps. You can update Roku by

  • Manually updating Roku apps and
  • Updating Roku firmware – This will help you to update all the apps on Roku with a flick of time.

Updating Roku Apps Manually

[1] Press the Home button on your Roku remote to open the Home screen.

[2] Press the Right Arrow button on your remote. This opens the channel’s grid.

[3] Select the app you wish to update and press the Asterisk button (*) on your Roku remote.

[4] A pop-up menu opens up. In the displayed options, select Check for updates.

Check for updates

[5] Once there’s any update available, it’ll download and install right away.

Updating Roku Firmware

By updating Roku firmware, all the apps in your Roku Channel list will get updated automatically at once. It is an easy way compared to manually selecting every single app and updating separately. To update Roku firmware,

[1] From the Roku Home menu, go to the Settings option.

Settings of Roku

[2] Hit the System menu and click System update.

System updates

[3] Choose the Check now option to check for updates of Roku firmware.

[4] If an update is available, it will display.

[5] Hit the Update now option to start updating your Roku firmware.

Update now on Roku

[6] You will receive a notification if the update process is over.

Updating your Roku apps is essential not only for having all the latest features of the selected apps but also to improve app security, fix bugs, and keep up with technology. The above two methods can help you to do it on your Roku. So, update apps and enjoy your watch time on your Roku TV.


(1) Why is my Roku TV not updating?

Your Roku may fail to update because of a poor internet connection. So try updating after rectifying it.

(2) Does restarting Roku will delete apps?

No. Restarting Roku will never delete apps on Roku, but this helps you to clear any bugs on your device.

(3) How to move channels on Roku to the home screen?

From the Roku home screen, select the Home option and press the Right button on you’re remote. Then, choose the channel you wish to move and press the Asterisk button on your remote.