Roku has gradually gained users and reached millions of households. It is an affordable streaming player with a simple user interface. Roku devices provide faster performance and work with internet connectivity. It has a dedicated app store called Roku Channel Store that features popular streaming services. All of the Roku devices are designed to be low-power-consuming devices. Hence it needs to be powered on to perform software updates and the latest content. But when it is not in use, you may consider turning off its power. You will find details on How to Turn Off Roku in this section.

How to Turn Off Roku?

As Roku has different models, the procedure to turn off the device differs in each mode. The section below covers the same in brief.

Turn Off Roku 4

Roku 4 is the latest version from Roku, and turning off its power takes less than a minute.

Roku 4

1. Navigate to Roku Settings using the Roku remote.

2. Select System and choose Power.

Select Power

3. Among the three available options, select Power Off to turn off the device immediately.

4. Optionally, select Auto Power Off, and the device turns off if it goes inactive for 30 minutes.

Turn Off USB Powered Roku Stick/Players

If you have Roku Streaming Stick+ or Roku Express, then they are powered via a USB port on your TV. Such models will turn off automatically when you turn off the TV. It is because the USB port of the TV powers them. So, you need not manually do any task to power down those devices.

Roku Stick

If there is no USB port on your TV or if that doesn’t provide power, you will rely on the AC adapter. To turn off those AC adapter-powered Roku, you have to unplug the adapter.

Power Off Roku 3 or Older

If you Roku 3 or earlier models, you may not find a power button. So, turning off those devices aren’t straightforward. The only possible way to turn off the device is to plug its power cord from the power socket.

Roku 3

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Turn Off Roku TV

If you own Roku TV, turning it off is easy. All you need is to turn off the TV, and it will turn off the device. Alternatively, if you consider taking advantage of the power-saving option, follow the steps.

1. Navigate to the Roku Settings.

2. Choose System and click on Power.

3. You can choose any of the options.

  • Select Auto Power Savings and click on either of the checkboxes.
    • Reduce power after 15 minutes option will reduce the power after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    • Selecting Turn off after 4 hours will put off the device after four hours.
  • Choose the Standby LED option to turn off the LED on the TV’s front when the TV is turned off.
Choose Power Mode
  • With the Fast TV start option, your TV will stay in the standby state to start faster. It works by voice commands via remote or Roku Mobile app. You can disable it to save power.
  • System Restart will reboot the system.

You can follow the steps to turn off Roku based on the model you own. With this, you are saving power and electricity bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Roku devices that have Standby Mode?

Standby Mode is available on Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku Player.

Does Roku use the internet on Standby Mode?

Yes. Roku device uses a considerable amount of internet.

What are the benefits of leaving Roku in sleep or standby mode?

With this, your login details are stored, and you need not login back again. It, in turn, allow Roku to download and install updates.