Roku is a popular streaming media player available in the market. It has lots of apps in the Roku Channel Store for adding to the device. To activate Roku, you need to sign in to your Roku account. Roku account allows you to add your favorite apps on Roku from Roku, Roku website, and Roku mobile app. The account also helps to access the downloaded channels on other devices and purchase new apps from the channel store. It is important to know about signing out of the Roku account if you plan to give to others and protect your channels. Let’s see the steps to sign out of the Roku account.

How to Sign out of Roku Account on TV?

Step 1: Visit Roku website in your PC and click Sign In.

Step 2: Enter the Email and Password of Your Roku account. Select Sign In.

Sign in your Roku account
Sign In

Step 3: Tap the Profile icon and choose My account in the drop down box.

Select My account - Sign out of Roku Account
My Account

Step 4: Scroll down in the MY Account page until you find the My linked Devices.

Step 5: Choose the Roku Device and click Unlink.

tap unlink to remove Roku device

Step 6: Tap Unlink again in the prompt to confirm sign out.

Select Unlink to confirm sign out of Roku account
Confirm Again

Thus, the above step will help you to sign out of the account on TV. Unlinking the device from your account will not close your account or end the subscription on the Roku account. It removes the device from your account. Roku has a Guest mode for signing in to your account on a new device while in other places. It also has an Auto sign-out option. You can specify the date and time of auto sign-out using Roku PIN. You can also sign out of the Roku account by resetting the Roku to factory setting, and it will sign out your Roku account. If you have any doubts about following the above steps, please specify in the comments.

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1. Can i sign out of Roku?

You can sign out of Roku account by unlinking the Roku device and you can follow the above steps for easy sign out process.

2. How do i switch accounts on Roku?

You can switch account on Roku by resetting the Roku to factory settings and sign in with other Roku account.

3. How do i sign out of Guest mode on Roku?

Roku has an auto sign out for Guest mode, and you need to mention the date, time for sign out. It will automatically sign out of your account on the device.