During the initial setup of your Roku device, you would have activated the Roku device using your Roku account. The same account can be used to login into the official Roku mobile app and the Roku Channel Store webpage. If in case you have forgotten your password, you may not be able to access the Roku app or the official website of the Roku Channel Store. But don’t worry if you have forgotten your password, as you can reset your Roku account password in easy ways.

Ways to Reset Roku Password

There are basically two elementary methods to reset your password on Roku. You can do it either

  • Reset Roku Account Password
  • Change Roku Account Password

You can use any of the two methods according to your need of the hour.

Resetting Roku Password Using Reset Link

This method can be used if you have forgotten your Roku password completely, and you are only required to enter your Email ID linked with your Roku account.

Tips: If you just want to know the email id linked to your Roku, select the Home > Settings > System > About option. You can view the Roku-linked email id there.

[1] Visit my.roku.com/password/reset from a web browser on your smartphone or PC.

reset Roku password page

[2] Enter your email id and click the Submit option.

[3] You will receive a password reset email┬áin your mail with a link. (The link will open automatically. If it doesn’t, click or copy-paste it and search on your browser).

[4] Now you can enter a new password on the Create password page.

Create new Roku password

[5] Click on the Submit option to change the Roku password.

[6] After changing, go to the Roku website and sign in to your Roku account with the new password.

Changing Roku Account Credentials

Use this method to change your Roku Account credentials if you sense any security threat or if you have shared your Roku password with someone by mistake. You can also change the email address linked to your Roku account by this method.

[1] Go to the official website of Roku and Sign in to your Roku account.

Roku account Login

[2] In the Account information section, click the Update button.

Account information

[3] Enter a new password or Email ID and click on the Save Changes button.

Finally, your Email ID or Password will be changed.

Changing passwords can be necessary if someone is accessing your Roku account and making purchases inappropriately. Also, sometimes you might have forgotten your password. In such cases, the above-mentioned methods are useful.


(1) Can I reset a Roku password without a remote?

Yes, you can reset your Roku password without a remote.

(2) Will factory resetting my Roku TV delete my Roku password?

Factory resetting Roku will delete only the data, account information, and cache on your Roku device. It can never make any changes to your account credentials.