How to open Roku remote? Hey, mate! Stop giggling. Most of us make fun of people who ask this question. But the reality is still many are looking for guidance. Due to technological updations, TVs and streaming devices have changed a lot, and their remote controls too. As we are always free to reach out regarding any of your hesitating queries, we’ll tutor you on opening a Roku remote now.

Majorly we open the Roku remote for two reasons.

  1. For changing batteries and
  2. For service purposes.

There are separate motives and methods for opening the Roku remote. For changing batteries, opening the battery chamber alone is enough. But in case of any malfunction, we must dismantle the remote completely. So here we are going to chew over the methodology for opening the battery chamber and Opening the remote completely, step by step.

Required tools:

  • 3.0mm screwdriver
  • A small plastic tool (eg: a pen cap)

Opening the Battery Chamber

We must open the battery Chanmmber if the Roku remote battery is weak or completely dead and requires a change. Follow the below steps to know how to do it,

[1] Turn your Roku remote to its back.

How to Open Roku remote

[2] Mostly your Roku remote will have a sliding type cover for its battery chamber. Slide it up to down and open it easily.

[3] If it’s different, place the plastic tool between the remote and the battery chamber cover.

[4] Now twist it gently, and the cover will start getting loosened.

[5] Then remove it with your hands, change the batteries and close the chamber.

Change Batter How to Open Roku remote

Now you can control your Roku device using this remote.

Dissecting Roku Remote

We dissect a Roku remote for servicing reasons. But simply dismantling and assembling the remote for just small lags will spoil the proper function of the remote. Lags and slow remote functioning mostly occur because of weak battery strength. To rectify it, try changing the battery first.

Now dissect the Roku remote only if you want to change

  • Damaged, malfunctioning, or missing buttons
  • Damaged front or back panel
  • Motherboard if it shorted out and stopped working

If you want to open your Roku remote for any of these reasons, get hold of the required tools and follow the below steps,

[1] Open the battery chamber and remove the remote’s batteries. (Refer to the previous heading for the procedure.)

[2] Now spot the screw between the slots of batteries.

[3] Place the screwdriver on the screw and rotate it anticlockwise.

Battery compartment

[4] Then remove all the screws in the battery chamber concurrently.

[5] Now place the plastic tool between the top and bottom chunks. Use the plastic tool as a wedge to separate them.

Dismantle remote

[6] Now the top and bottom chunks will split up, and you can remove buttons or the whole motherboard using your hands.

How to Open Roku remote

After dissecting your remote by following the above steps and rectifying its issue, clean the interior parts and assemble them for use.