Disney Plus is one of the world’s top subscription-based video-on-demand services owned by The Walt Disney Company. It has some exclusive films and television series under Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic and also distributes outside source content. We can cancel the Disney Plus subscription anytime on Roku, as not every streaming medium would be able to convenience all the users. At times, the users might not find what they need or find a better alternate streaming platform.

Ways To Cancel Disney Plus On Roku

There are three methods to cancel the Disney Plus subscription on Roku. Below listed are some of the dependable methods to do so,

  • Cancel Disney Plus subscription on Roku
  • Cancel your Disney Plus subscription on the Roku website
  • Alternative method to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Roku

This is the primary and simplest method to cancel a Disney Plus subscription on Roku.

[1] Press the Home button on the Roku remote and navigate the Disney Plus channel.

[2] After selecting the channel, press the Asterisk (*) button on the remote.

[3] Select Manage Subscription from the options displayed.

[4] Hit the Cancel Subscription option and click confirm.

Cancel Disney Plus on Roku

Now your Disney Plus subscription will get canceled on your Roku.

Cancel Disney Subscription Via Roku Website

[1] Launch a web browser and sign in to your Roku account from any device.

sign in on Roku website

[2] After logging in, click the Avatar icon and the My Account option in the top right corner.

[3] In the Manage Your Subscriptions menu, locate Disney Plus in the list of all subscribed channels.

Manage your subscription

[4] Now hit the Cancel subscription button near the Disney Plus channel to cancel your Disney Plus subscription on Roku.

Tips! You can change Disney Plus’s language as per convenience to access the application with ease.

Alternative Method to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

You can also go to the official website of Disney Plus to cancel the subscription.

[1] Go to the Official website from any device and sign in to your account.

[2] Select your Profile icon and tap Account.

[3] Under the Subscriptions section, Select your subscription package by clicking Billing details.

Billing details to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku

[4] Select Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page and your reason for canceling.

Cancel Disney Plus on Roku

[5] Confirm it by selecting Complete Cancellation.

Complete cancellation to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku

Thus you have canceled your Disney Plus subscription directly by login into Disney’s official website.

Tips! If you require a temporary break, you can always log out of your Disney Plus account and get back when needed.


Why can’t I cancel my subscription to Disney Plus?

The reason for us being unable to cancel the Disney Plus subscription would be because of the Internet connectivity issue or the Disney Plus server issue.

Will Roku refund my subscription?

Roku offers a 30-day money-back guarantee using which you can return a product you purchased from the Roku website within 30 days from the date of purchase.

If I Remove Disney Plus Channel from my Roku device, will it get unsubscribed?

No. Removing the Disney Plus channel from Roku just removes the channel from the Roku device. Still, you can watch Disney Plus on other devices if you have an active Disney Plus subscription plan. Once you add the Disney Plus channel on Roku, you can log in and watch it again.

Can I access Disney Plus after canceling it on Roku?

Yes. You can still access Disney Plus on Roku until your current payment cycle ends. Canceling a Disney Plus subscription only restricts you from getting charged again on the next billing cycle. So you can stream Disney Plus till the last date of the current package.