Esquire Network was an American subscription-based Television Network launched in 1998. During the initial release, this network was called Style till 2013. Then, later rebranded as Esquire. But the Esquire Network lasted for only four years. Then, it exited from delivering its contents to Pay Television Networks and sold its contents to Firestick and Roku. So, now the Esquire Network is only available for Firestick and Roku. If you are concerned with grooming yourself, you can choose the Esquire Network. Because this platform contains videos related to fashion, lifestyle, cooking, and fitness and is available for your Roku device. You can get Esquire for your Roku by following the instructions below.


How to Add and Watch Esquire on Roku?

Follow the steps below to add Esquire on Roku:

1. From the Roku home screen, select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels.

2. Select Search Channels.

Select Search Channels.

3. Search for Esquire using the virtual keyboard.

4. Choose the Esquire application from the list of suggested applications based on your search.

5. Select Add Channel to add Esquire to your Roku.

Select Add Channel to add Esquire to Roku.

6. Now, select OK from the Prompt.

7. Launch the Esquire application.

8. Now, select any video to watch on your Roku device.

Watch Esquire.

Alternative Method – Watch Esquire on Roku

1. Install the Roku app from the App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Connect your Roku and Android or iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Then, launch the Roku app.

4. Tap on the Devices tab and select your Roku device to connect it.

5. You can now see the list of options after connecting your Roku device to the Roku app.

6. Select Channels > Channel Store.

Search for Esquire.

7. Scroll down and find the Esquire app.

8. Tap on the Esquire app.

9. Select Add Channel button to add Esquire to your Roku device.

10. Now, you have successfully added the Esquire app.

11. Select the Launch button to launch the Esquire app

12. Now, the Esquire will appear on your TV.

13. You can select any video on your Roku app to watch on your Roku TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Esquire Network shut down its operations?

No, the Esquire Network only exited from pay television distribution.

2. What are the devices Esquire Network supports?

Esquire Network only supports Firestick and Roku devices.

3. Can I access Esquire Network for free on supported devices?

Yes, you can access the Esquire Network for free.