Blaze Media is an American TV channel that hosts news and entertainment content for users. Blaze TV was started in the year 2018 by Glenn Beck. It is the merging of The Blaze and CRTV LLC. If you are looking for the best entertainment app and news content, then Blaze TV is the best choice. If you are a non-cable user, you can use the Blaze TV app on your streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Firestick, and Smart TVs. Blaze TV is available on the channel store, and you can install it directly on your Roku device.

How to install Blaze TV on Roku?

Blaze TV on Roku

1. Connect your Roku to the HDMI port of your TV and turn it ON.

2. Go to the Home screen by clicking on the Home button on your remote.

3.On the Home Screen, navigate to the Streaming Channels option.

4. Under the Streaming Channels section, select the Search Channels option.

5. Enter Blaze TV using the on-screen keyboard and search for the channel.

6. Now select the channel from the search list.

7. On the app overview page, select the Add Channel option.

8. Click Ok on the pop-up that appears.

9. Choose the Go to Channel option to launch the app on your device.

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How to Sign-up on Blaze TV?

1. Launch the Blaze TV channel on your Roku.

2. On the Home screen of Blaze TV, Live events, shows, and recent episodes will be shown on the screen.

3. Choose your favorite content to stream on your TV.

4. Now a prompt appears on the screen as Please login to Continue.

Log in and Sign Up on Blaze TV

5. Click Sign up on the screen to create the new Blaze TV account.

6. Next appears the Blaze TV subscription option, select the one that suits you.

Subscription plans

7. Now you should confirm your billing method.

8. Once you created your Blaze TV account, you can start streaming Blaze TV on Roku.

9. If you already have a Blaze TV account, you can click Login and enter your user name and password.

password Blaze TV on Roku

10. You can start streaming Blaze TV on Roku.

Alternatively, you can sign up on the Blaze TV website as well.


The above are the steps to install and stream the Blaze TV on your Roku TV. With Blaze TV, you can start streaming your favorite content on the TV. Blaze TV is one of the best applications to stream on your TV. You can watch entertainment content along with news content on your TV with this application.