AfrikaSTV or ASTV is an app that gives you access to TV channels from North America and Africa on your device. This streaming service is owned by ASTV Corporation, based in New York. You can enjoy watching live TV channels in high quality on your device easily. These channels cover content, including music, sports, and entertainment channels. Apart from these TV channels, AfrikaSTV has a collection of different African radio channels as well. Popular ASTV channels include SEN TV, LOBS, A2I TV, Choix TV, TFM, TVC News, Voxafrica Afrique, and more. Let’s find out how to add and access AfrikaSTV on Roku.

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AfrikaSTV Subscription

Below are the four available plans to access the AfrikaSTV on Firestick.

Monthly Plan – $19.99 per month

Quarterly Plan – $44.99 per month

Semi Annual Plan – $89.99 per month

Yearly Plan -$129.99 per month

To subscribe to the AfrikaSTV, visit

How to Install AfrikaSTV on Roku

We have the official AfrikaSTV app on the Roku platform that we can download. Follow these instructions to download the AfrikaSTV app.

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV after turning it on.

2. From the Roku home screen, select the Streaming Channels option.

Streaming Channels

3. Scroll to and then select the Search Channels option.

Search Channels

4. Type in and search for the AfrikaSTV app and select the app icon from the search suggestions.

5. Click on the Add Channel option and wait for the app download to finish.

AfrikaSTV on Roku

6. Once the app download is complete, select the OK button.

7. Open AfrikaSTV by selecting the Go to Channel option.

8. Log in to AfrikaSTV with the credentials of your subscription.

9. Select any channel from the Afrikastv app and enjoy streaming the same on your TV.

AfrikaSTV on Roku

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Alternative Method to Add AfrikaSTV on Roku

Alternatively, you can download AfrikaSTV on Roku with the help of the Roku mobile app.

1. Connect your Android and iPhone or iPad to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, open the Roku app.

NOTE: If you haven’t installed the Roku app yet, install the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. If it is your first time on the app, sign in to the app with the account on your Roku device.

3. Tap on the Devices tab from the lower right corner.

Select Devices

4. If you haven’t paired your Roku device with the Roku app, pair it now.

3. Next, tap on the Channels tab.

Select Channels

4. Select the Channel Store option and search for the AfrikaSTV app.

Select Channel Store to add AfrikaSTV on Roku

5. Tap the AfrikaSTV app icon and start downloading the same by selecting the Add Channel option.

6. Follow the app instructions and purchase the app as necessary.

7. Carefully enter the Roku Account Pin following the given instructions.

8. Finally, the AfrikaSTV app is added to your device, and you can start streaming titles from it on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get AfrikaSTV on Roku?

The official app of AfrikaSTV is available for download in the Roku Channel Store. Download the app like you would download any other supported app on Roku.

2. What is AfrikaSTV?

AfrikaSTV is an app on Roku that will give you access to African TV channels like SEN TV, LOBS, A2I TV, Choix TV, TFM, TVC News, Voxafrica Afrique, and more.

3. How to install AfrikaSTV on Roku TV?

From the Roku home screen, select Streaming Channels and then Search Channels. For example, search for AfrikaSTV and click on the Add Channel button to install AfrikaSTV on your device.