Udemy is the most powerful online educational platform which can be used to sharpen your knowledge. It offers 130,000+ courses that help you to enhance your skills. You can learn different courses from programming languages like Java, Python, etc., to self-development classes such as marketing, lifestyle, yoga, writing, etc. The service is available for access on the web as well as the official app. It is compatible with multiple devices, and you are going to learn about accessing Udemy on Roku in this section.

Udemy on Roku


Some of the useful features of Udemy are listed down:

  • It provides over 2000 topics and so you can quickly discover your favorite area to learn.
  • You can learn affordably, as it offers both free and paid courses.
  • The teaching methods will be appreciable with 57,000+ expert instructors.
  • The instructors of Udemy uses more than 65 different languages.
  • It allows you to download the courses to learn offline or listen only to the audio to learn the course.

How to Get Udemy on Roku?

Udemy can be accessed on Roku through screen mirroring mode. It is because the Roku Channel Store does not offer this app. Follow the upcoming tutorial for the procedure to get Udemy on Roku.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku – Firstly, you need to turn on the Screen Mirroring mode on your Roku device to mirror from your Android or PC. On connecting Roku to TV and the internet, the homepage will display. Go to the Setting section and then tap the System settings. Choose Screen mirroring mode and select Prompt or Always Allow option to enable mirroring. Now, connect both your Roku device and Android/PC to the same Wi-Fi network, and then follow the steps below. For detailed guide, check out How to Screen Mirror on Roku.

Udemy on Roku

How to Cast Udemy on Roku using Android?

1. Download and install the Udemy app on your Android from the Google Play Store.

Udemy on Roku

2. Now, launch the Setting app on your Android device.

3. Press the Bluetooth & device connection option on the list.

4. Select the Cast option and toggle it to turn it on.


5. Pick your Roku device when you get the list of available devices. Further, you should grant permission on your Roku.

6. Now, open the Udemy app and choose to stream the course video. The same will get cast to the Roku.

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How to Cast Udemy on Roku using Windows?

1. Launch the chrome browser or any available browser on your PC.

2. Navigate to the official website of Udemy, https://www.udemy.com/, and log in with Udemy ID.

Udemy on Roku

3. Go to the Settings option and then select the System settings.


4. Hit the Display button available at the left menu.

5. Tap on the Connect to a wireless display option.

6. Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices.

7. Now, start streaming your Udemy courses on Roku TV.


Is there an app for Udemy?

Udemy has an official app available on multiple devices like Android, iOS, PC, etc. You can stream all the courses video on your respective devices.

Can I use Udemy offline?

You can definitely use Udemy on offline mode. You can save or download the lectures, sections, or entire course and enjoy them offline on your device.

Is Udemy a legit company?

Udemy is a legal company, and all the courses are designed with authority. You can gain tons of courses from every nook and corner of the world to enhance your skills.

Is Udemy available on Roku?

You can watch Udemy on Roku, and it is possible through screen mirroring mode only. You can use your Android or PC as a remote to stream it on Roku.