IMDb TV is Internet Movie Database Television, which streams movies and TV shows online. It is available only in the United States, and it is a part of Amazon. The famous contents in IMDb TV are Monster, Dancing with wolves, Drive, The Bachelor, La La Land, and Fringe. Though IMDb TV is unavailable in the Roku Channel Store, You can watch it on Roku through the Prime Video app. Roku has the Prime Video app in the channel store for free. Let’s look into the steps to watch IMDb TV on Roku.

IMDb TV on Roku

Features of IMDb TV

  • IMDb TV offers thousands of premium movies and TV shows. It also adds new contents every month.
  • It has contents in all genres, including thrillers, science fiction, romance, comedy, kids and family, horror, documentaries, and many more.
  • The Advanced Search option helps in browsing the contents quickly with keywords, genre, actors, etc. and the contents are well categorized in the content library.
  • The app also provides complete information about the movies and TV shows such as cast, genre, storyline, etc. It also has ratings and reviews of others. You can also add your review to the content.
  • It has a watchlist option for users to add movies and shows before release also. It will notify the user about the content at the time of release.

Pricing of IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a free streaming service and Ads supported. You must require Prime Membership for streaming IMDb TV on Roku. The Amazon Prime membership costs $ 12.99 per month and $ 119 per year.

How to watch IMDb TV on Roku through Prime Video?

Steps to add Prime Video on Roku

Step 1: Plug in Roku device to the TV HDMI port and launch Roku.

Step 2: Press Home button in the remote. Scroll down and select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels
Streaming Channels

Step 3: It open the Roku Channel store and select Search channels by scrolling down.

Select Search Channels
Search Channel

Step 4: Enter Prime Video in the search box and select Prime Video from the options below.

Step 5: Click Add Channel to install the Prime Video on Roku.

add Prime Video on Roku - IMDb TV on Roku
Add Channel

Step 6: After installation select OK in the prompt.

Steps to watch IMDb TV in Prime Video

Step 1: Click Go to Channel to launch Prime Video on Roku.

Step 2: Select Sign in and enter the Amazon credentials. Use the credentials with a valid Prime subscription.

Step 3: In the prime video home screen, scroll down to find IMDb TV.

Step 4: Once it is found, Select the category to view all the contents available in the IMDb TV. It has plenty of content to watch and you can choose the category first.

Step 5: Select the content and start streaming it on Roku.

Hence, You can watch IMDb TV on Roku using the above method. IMDb TV is a newly launched streaming service but still, it adds content from the libraries of FOX, Universal, MGM, Paramount, Dreamworks, and Sony. If you face any difficulty in streaming IMDb TV on Roku with the above steps, please do let us know in the comments.


1. What is IMDb TV?

IMDb TV is an online streaming platform for movies and TV shows. It can be accessed using Amazon Prime Membership.

2. Can i watch IMDb TV on Roku?

You can watch IMDb TV on Roku by installing the Prime Video app and you can easily install the Prime Video app on Roku by following the above steps.

3. Does IMDb TV contains Ads?

Yes, IMDb TV is an Ads supported streaming service because it is free to stream movies and TV shows.

4. Can i download movies in IMDb TV?

No, You cannot download contents in IMDb TV for offline streaming

5. How can i watch IMDb TV outside the USA?

You can watch IMDb TV outside the USA using VPN. The VPN can bypass the geo-restriction of the streaming app.