HBO Max on Roku is one of the popular streaming services that offer various TV content of various genres. If you feel the content offered by HBO Max doesn’t interest you, or you need a break from it, you can cancel its subscription anytime. To cancel the HBO Max subscription on your Roku TV or streaming device, follow the three termination methods.

How do I Cancel My HBO Max Subscription on Roku

1. Press the Home button on Roku remote to go to the Roku home screen and select Streaming Channels.

Click on Streaming Channels on Roku

2. Scroll down and select the HBO Max channel.

3. Press the * button on your remote control to get the menu.

4. Next, select Manage Subscription from the menu.

Tap on Manage Subscription option

5. Click Cancel Subscription to cancel HBO Max on Roku.

6. Tap the Cancel Subscription button again to confirm the process.

Click on Cancel Subscription and unsubscribe HBO Max on Roku

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription from Roku Website

1. Navigate to the Roku official website on your PC or Smartphone.

2. Sign in with your Roku account and tap the My Account option at the top right corner.

Enter your credentials and login with your Roku account

3. Select Manage your Subscriptions from the menu and go to My Subscriptions.

Tap on Manage Your Subscription option to cancel HBO Max on Roku

4. Pick HBO Max from the list of subscribed channels.

5. Click the Unsubscribe button next to the HBO Max app to cancel the subscription.

You can use these two methods to cancel HBO Max from Roku Pay too.

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription from Official Website

In case you have purchased the HBO Max subscription on the website, then you need to cancel the subscription on the website. If the HBO Max app is not working on your Roku device, you can use this method to cancel the subscription.

1. Go to the HBO Max official website using the web browser on your smartphone or PC.

2. Select the Sign In option and provide the account details.

Tap on the Sign in option on the website

3. Tap the Profile icon and click on the Billing Information option.

4. Now, click on the Cancel Subscription option under My Account and terminate your HBO Max subscription.

Tap on Cancel Subscription option to terminate your HBO Max subscription on Roku

Can I Get a Refund after Unsubscribing from HBO Max

No, there is no official refund policy available on HBO Max. In addition to that, HBO Max doesn’t offer any free trial or money-back policy to test the services. So, you can’t get any refund for cancellation.

Can I stream HBO Max even after Unsubscribing

Yes. Even if you unsubscribe from HBO Max, you can stream HBO Max till the next billing date. Once you exceed the billing date, you can’t access the HBO Max app on Roku.

If I Remove HBO Max Channel from my Roku device, will it get unsubscribed

No, removing or logging out of the HBO Max channel from Roku only restricts its access to the app. Still, you can watch HBO Max on other devices if you have an active subscription.


1. How to remove HBO Max from Roku?

Before removing the channel, you need to delete your HBO Max account on Roku to avoid money deduction. To remove HBO Max from Roku, highlight the HBO Max channel and press the * button on Roku remote. Choose the Remove Channel option from the sub-menu and confirm the process.