Frndly TV is the most affordable live TV and on-demand streaming service. The subscription costs $6.99 per month and $69.99 per year with a 7-day free trial. As Frndly TV has no commitments, you can cancel the subscription anytime. If you have the Frndly TV app on your Roku device, you can cancel the subscription in three different ways.

How to Cancel Frndly TV Subscription on Roku

  • Using Roku device
  • Using Roku website
  • From the Frndly TV website

How to Cancel Frndly TV on Roku: Using Roku device

1. Switch on the Roku device and move to the Home page.

2. Then, go to the Apps section and choose the Frndly TV app.

Move to the home page

3. Now, press the (*) button on the remote.

4. From the menu, select Manage subscription.

5. Click on the Cancel subscription option.

6. To confirm your selection, tap the Cancel subscription option again.

7. After this, your Frndly TV subscription will be canceled.

If you want to cancel your subscription for any other streaming platform, you can check our detailed guide on how to cancel the subscription on Roku devices and TVs.

How to Cancel Frndly TV on Roku: Using Roku website

1. Open the web browser on your PC and go to the Roku website.

2. Select the Sign In button.

3. Now, enter the Roku credentials that you are using on your Roku device.

Click on the Roku account to cancel Frndly TV on Roku

4. Then, select My account from the profile icon.

5. Click on the Manage accounts and choose the Manage your subscription option.

Mange the subscription to cancel the Frndly TV on Roku

6. You will get the list of services that you are subscribed to. Choose the Frndly TV platform.

7. Choose the Cancel subscription next to the Frndly TV.

8. To confirm, click the Yes, unsubscribe option.

9. Now, your Frndly TV subscription will be removed from your Roku device.

Using Frndly TV Website

1. Open a web browser on your smartphone.

2. Go to the Frndly TV website.

3. Click the Sign In button and sign in with your Frndly account.

4. Now, go to the Settings menu.

5. Tap the Manage Subscription button.

6. Then, click on the Cancel Subscription button.

confirm the cancel process.

7. Confirm your selection. Your subscription will be canceled.


1. Is Friendly TV free on Roku?

No, the Friendly TV or Frndly TV app is not available for free. But, you can get a free trial for seven days.

2. Can you get local channels on Frndly TV?

No, Frndly TV is not offering any local channels.