Citytv, or City TV, is a Canadian cable TV channel from Rogers Sports & Media. With this channel, you can find news and popular sports like FIFA, NFL, NHL, and more. Also, you can watch some of the popular movies and TV shows like Law & Order, Bachelorette, Canada’s Got Talent, and other popular shows. The City TV app is not available on the Roku Channel Store. You need to screen mirror the app from your smartphone or PC.


  • In the City TV app, you can get free episodes and on-demand content.
  • You can set personalized recommendations and get reminder alerts.
  • All the programs are available with an EPG guide.
  • As Citytv Is a cross-platform app, you can watch series and movies on different devices without losing any progress.


City TV is not offering any standalone subscription. You need to buy any of the live TV providers or cable TV accounts to access the video content.

How to Screen Mirror City TV on Roku

You can access the City TV video content on Roku in three easy ways. They are,

  • Using Android Devices
  • Using iOS Devices
  • From PC

Screen Mirror City TV to Roku from Android Devices

1. From the Settings menu, enable the screen mirroring feature on Roku.

2. Connect your Android device to the same WiFi network your Roku device is connected to.

3. Launch the Google Play Store and install the Citytv app.

4. Pull down the Notification Panel and tap the Cast icon. The Cast icon varies from Android device models. It may be ScreenCast, Smart View, Smart Mirroring, and more.

Tap on the Cast icon - City TV on Roku

5. Tap your Roku device from the available devices displayed on the screen.

6. Launch the Citytv app and sign in with your cable TV provider account.

7. Choose any of your favorite content and mirror them to Roku.

Screen Mirror City TV on Roku

Screen Mirror City TV to Roku from iOS Devices

1. Make sure to enable AirPlay on Roku.

2. After that, connect your iOS device and Roku to the same WiFi network.

3. On your iOS device, launch the Control Center.

4. From the Control Center, tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

Tap on the Screen Mirroring icon - City TV on Roku

5. Your iOS device will scan for nearby devices. Once your Roku device shows up, select it.

6. You can now see your iOS device’s screen on your Roku.

7. Launch the Citytv app. If you haven’t installed the app, install the City TV app from the App Store.

8. Enter your cable TV provider credentials to log in to your account.

9. Browse or select any of your favorite shows and mirror them to Roku.

Screen Mirror City TV to Roku from PC

1. Ensure you have connected your PC and Roku to the same WiFi network.

2. Launch a web browser on your PC and visit the official website of Citytv (

3. Click the TV Provider Sign In button from the upper right corner.

Citytv web page

4. Choose your cable TV provider and sign in to your account.

Citytv cable TV provider

5. After that, click on the Action Center icon from the lower right corner and select the Connect tile.

6. A list of available devices will display on the Connect tab. From there, select your Roku device.

Select your Roku devcie

7. Return to Citytv’s official web page, play any of your favorite content, and mirror them to your Roku.


1. How much is the Citytv app?

The Citytv app is available on Android or iOS devices and is free to access with the participating cable TV provider account.

2. Can I watch Citytv outside Canada?

No, you can’t stream City TV video content outside Canada.